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Listed below are just some of the benefits of affiliating with this highly professional organization. The Virginia Auctioneers Association is leading the way into the 21st Century!

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Educational Programs

Educational programs, offered at the annual convention in January, Mid-year Seminar in August, and one day workshops in the spring and fall are guaranteed to educate, inform and entertain.

These programs draw on the experience and knowledge of the best auctioneers in the Old Dominion as well as nationally known speakers and experts in the auction industry.

Annual VA State Champion Auctioneer Contest

The annual Virginia State Champion Auctioneer Contest is held in conjunction with the Mid-Year Seminar in August. This event is a public relations asset to the auctioneers, and for the past 20 years has proven to be a showcase of some of Virginia’s best auctioneering skills.

Each contestant is rated for the First Place prize Championship trophy, and the title “Virginia State Champion Auctioneer”.

Our Mission

Since its founding in 1958, the mission of the Virginia Auctioneers Association (VAA) has been to promote the professionalism of auctioneers and auctions through education and technology.

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It pays to be associated with the VAA. They’re leading the way. Education, camaraderie and mentorship.

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