Champion Auctioneer

VAA 2024 State Champion Auctioneer – Kervin Yoder 


The event grades auctioneers on chant, rhythm, presence and auction ability.  For decades this event has brought bid callers from every corner of Virginia to compete for the title.

    2024Kervin Yoder
2023Linford Berry2022Cody Manspile2021--
2020Stephen LaRaviere2018Chip Jones2017Daniel Lanier
2016Mark Mast2015Josh Puffenbarger2014Ben Yoder
2013Ben Svonavec2012Brian Damewood2011Taylor Linkous
2010Benjamin DeBruhl2009W.O. "Dubby" Isgett2008Kelly Strauss
2007Bob Melvin2006Amberleigh E. Scheungrab2005D. Brian Hash
2004Ernest W. Rogers2003Dan Pegalow2002Brian Sale
2001Mitchell G. Funk2000Brian D. Kurdziolek1999R. Craig Damewood
1998F. William Billingsley1997Lloyd W. (Trey) Willis, III1996F. David Sale
1995Zeb B. Barfield1994Larry J. Linkous1993John S. Nicholls
1992R.J. Buchanan1991Tony S. Goodman1990Michael E. Anderson
1989Tim O. Dudley1988Jerome T. Clark1987A. Barry Cole
1986Roger L. Craig1985Samuel K. (Buddy) Updike1984Grayson L. Smith
1983G. Ted DeBruhl1982Fred H. Reger1978David A. Leonard

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