Jake Horney Memorial


Charles Nicholls 2023 VAA Jake Horney Award Winner 

1995John Boughton1996Ted Counts1997Guy Townsend
1998Steve Proffit*1999Grayson Smith2000Rick Manley
2001Ken Farmer2002George Daniel2003John Mastin
2004Robert "Bobby" G. Dotson2005G. Ray Boone*2006Buddy Updike
2007Grayson Smith2008Stanly King, Jr.*; Gaines Dickenson2009Wayne Garst
2010Richard Romanus2011Wimpy Isgett2012Jerome Clark*
2013Richard Wright2014Steve Sheets2015Forrest Mendenhall*
2016Kelly D. Strauss2017Mark Craig2018

Harold Entsminger, Jr.

2019Fred Wilson2020Ike Swart2022Shields Jones

2023                        Charles Nicholls

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