Tom W Reese, Jr.

5379 Herdland Lane
Midland, VA 22728
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storage lots, firearms


I began working with my father Col. Tom W. Reese Sr. (Virginia DPOR Auction License # 031) in 1982, going to the same auction school in 1983 that he attended in 1966 (Mendenhall, High Point NC). I was licensed in 1983 (Virginia DPOR Auction License # 393).

After a vehicle accident in mid-1984, my participation was rather limited. Although I do not consider my "chant" record breaking, I can sell an item and have the buyer and seller enjoy the experience. I sell am available on a strictly limited basis and specialize in older historical firearms, specifically US military and flintlock or percussion pistols/revolvers as well as storage units.

My father passed on May 25, 2018 after having seved 55 years in the auction field, but the lessons he taught me on compassion to people continue in my own practice. I will not just throw away clients' items to "make a dollar", nor will I willingly misrepresent any item to a potential buyer/bidder. If it's not honest, I am not going to be in it.

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