Christopher Ronald Rasmus, CAI

Rasmus Auctions
205 Yoakum Parkway
Alexandria, Virginia 22150
703-768-9000 (Office)
703-783-8320 (Direc



Grounded in faith and family, my professional pillars are innovation, efficiency, fearlessness, focus and determination.

Chris Rasmus is CEO of Rasmus Auctions.

Chris is a 1977 graduate of Mendenhall Auction School, 1983 Graduate of Virginia Tech, 1997 VAA president, past member CAI board of governors, and member of the Hall of Fame.

In 1998 Chris moved his auction model to internet only auctions. Today Rasmus conducts 600 internet only auction per year with partners in six states and Puerto Rico.

Chris’ passion is auction innovation, business efficiencies and developing new auction models.

Chris is the online auction instructor for the Certified Auctioneers Institute at Indiana University and international speaker who works with auctioneers throughout North America mentoring and transitioning them to online auctions. 

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